Winter Tips

Winter Tips

Here are the best winter tips to keep you happy, healthy, and safe this winter

Simon's Cat Guide to Winter- One of our all-time favorite videos with cartoon cat's showing us how to handle the winter weather

  • Get a winter coat
  • Stay warm
  • Keep yourself entertained
  • Stay indoors
  • Stock up for hibernation
  • Go to bed early and sleep in

Winter driving tips- AAA has some great tips for the winter

  • Avoid driving while tired
  • Maintain proper tire pressure
  • Don't use cruise control when on a slippery road

Stay healthy and safe this winter- The CDC has these great tips for you and your home

  • Winterize your home
  • Check your heating system
  • Service your car
  • Equip yourself in advance for emergencies
  • Take precautions outdoors
  • Tips for travel

8 Winter Tips for Healthy Living- WebMD has these tips for you

  • Eat yogurt
  • Tips for heartburn sufferers
  • Tips for fighting cold sores
  • De-stress
  • Work-outs
  • Eat locally
  • 3 simple diet and exercise tips
  • Invest in your health