Summer's End

Summer's End

It's September, time to fire up the grill one more time, make those last trips to the beach and soak up the last rays of the summer sun.

Here are some last minute end of summer fun things to do:

~In Google type in the name of the state you live in followed by- little known attractions (or little known destinations). This makes for a great road trip to somewhere you didn't even know about.

~Find a State Fair to attend. There is music, rides, games, and food that tastes great

~Blow out barbecue- invite all of your friends and family for a last barbecue before you put it away. Do you have a lot of room in your backyard? Set up a game or croquet or bean bag toss. Make sure you have the makings for S'mores!

~See an outside movie. You can find a drive in our make your back yard your own drive in with a white sheet and projector.

~Watch the suset. There's nothing quite like an end of summer sunset. Find somewhere with a great view and enjoy the ever changing colors.

~Once you've seen the sunset, stay there and stargaze. There are apps you can download that will show you the nake of the stars and constellations you are seeing.

​Whatever you choose to do, take the time to enjoy it to the fullest!