Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Best Summer Ever

Looking to have fun this summer? Try new things? Beat the Heat? We have rounded up some of the best tips just for you.

Sage Minder has some great ideas:

~Picnic at a Local Park or Playground-get back to nature by packing a lunch and eating outdoors

~Be a Tourist in Your Home Town- check for local summer activities and take a day to reacquaint yourself with your surroundings and nearby attractions

~Take in a Movie- If it is an especially hot afternoon you may want to check out the lower prices with afternoon matinees at the local theatre

Elder One Stop suggests:

~Garden party- Many organizations sponsor these, and you can attend. Or you can host one yourself

~Flying kites- You may even like to build your own kite


We love doing things with friends like:

~Having a Game Night- Invite freinds and family and ask them to bring their favorite game.

~Afternoon Tea- Have fun and enjoy a little tea and something sweet as you talk and laugh the afternoon away

Hoping you have the best summer ever!!