School Success Month

School Success Month

September is school success month and we have all the tips you need!


  • Start off their day with a balanced breakfast; this will help them to stay focused until lunch. Don’t forget to pack a piece of fruit in case they want a quick pick me up before lunch.

Meet the Teacher

  • One of the most important tips is to not only meet the teacher but to stay in touch with them. Many teachers have email, websites, and/or newsletters. Make sure you introduce yourself and get signed up for any communication the teacher has available

Set a routine

  • It’s difficult after a long summer to remember how things worked last year. Set a schedule for your children for after school time. Include homework time, after school programs, and don’t forget to set aside play time so they have a way to relax after the hustle and bustle of school.


  • A well-stocked and not over packed backpack is essential
    • Make sure your children check their backpack each night to make sure they have the essentials: pencil, pen, paper, eraser
    • Keep the backpack light to make sure it doesn’t weigh your children down. Have them go through the backpack each Friday taking out any papers that are no longer need (double check that it’s ok to put the papers away)


  • Make sure to talk to your children about school, how their day was, how their homework is going. This is a great way to catch any problems and also to praise they great work they have done!