It's July!

It's July!

It's July

and the Summer celebrations have started!

School's out, 4th of July, bar-b-q's, pool parties, Labor Day, and more.

With all these great adventures awaiting here are some wonderful summer tips:

Sunscreen-One of the most common injury’s over the summer is sunburns. When going outdoors make sure to wear sunscreen and most importantly, reapply every 2 hours.

Water-Bring water with you everywhere you go. It's going to be hot and when you add the physical activities you can get dehydrated before you even know it. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Snacks-Grab some healthy snacks to keep by you pool side, waiting in line, etc. If you bring along sliced up cucumber or watermelon not only are you snacking healthily, but they are also helping to keep you hydrated.

Keep cool-Turning off extra lighting in the house can help lower the temperature. Think about ceiling fans and black out drapes to help lower the temperature even more. If it gets too hot and you are without air conditioning think about going to the mall, a movie, a library, or a recreational center where there is free air conditioning.

Whatever you do this summer stay safe and have fun!