Holidays are here!

Holidays are here!

The Holidays are Here!

Family, friends, outings, baking, and fun! Here's some quick ideas for a memorable season:

1. Baking- add a friend to increase the fun (and baking power). Make sure to make enough for your neighbors and colleagues. Everyone enjoys a home baked goodie!

2. Make some hot coco, load up the family (friends) and go out looking at Christmas lights. Such a fun and almost no cost activity that really brings you together.

3. Caroling-It's a great way to help others enjoy the season. Find some friends and then decided on a neighborhood you would like to serenade! You only need to know 3 songs to have a fun time and enjoy the expressions of gratefulness on those you carol to.

4. Host a holiday movie night. Pick one of your favorite holiday movies, add popcorn, friends, and family and enjoy!

5. Enjoy-Take the time to see the memories you are building, the fun you are having, and the happiness you are spreading!