Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks!

There are many ways to give thanks (and not just around this time of year).

We rounded up some great giving thanks ideas and have them listed here:

Notes of appreciation- Giving a heartfelt note of appreciation to someone can change their day. It only takes a moment to say thank you. For more ideas go to: Better Homes and Gardens

Keep it simple and meaningful- Sometimes we feel that we must be eloquent when showing gratitude but keeping it simple and meaningful will show how much you care even more.  For more ideas go to: Success

Pay it forward with a kind deed- Remeber when that one person you didn't even know was so kind to you? What a great feeling it gave you? Wondering how to pay it forward? It can be as simple as helping someone pick up dropped items. For more ideas go to: Reader's Digest

Give everyone you connect with a compliment- A quick (and true) "I like your shirt", "Love your hair", "I enjoy your laugh", "What a great idea" will give a lasting impression. For more ideas go to: Elephant Journal

To build off of our last idea: When someone compliments you, accept it with a smile and a “thank you.” 

Donate- items, money, time. Any of these are crucial to those who do not have. It can be a donation to a company, a church, a family, an individual.

Enjoy- stop and enjoy what you are doing. Enjoy the feeling of giving thanks!